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Doers Gathering

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Listeners Podcast

Listeners Podcast is a show about the craft and power of listening. We talk with media and communication experts, thought leaders, doers, and innovators whose ideas can amplify the quality of our dialogue and interactions. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,

Finding Common Ground

Finding Common Ground aims to achieve cross-border collaboration with engagement practitioners in the media by supporting projects that get people to look up from their devices, meet people with different opinions, listen, and engage in meaningful and civil dialogue across

Producing Pedestrian Stories with Community

In collaboration with the Portland Bureau of Transportation, students in DeVigal’s Reporting Within Communities multimedia journalism master’s course produced a series of videos to start a dialogue about walking in Portland and inform the city’s pedestrian planning process also known

Gather: An Engaged Journalism Collaborative

Gather is a project + platform to support community-minded journalists and other engagement professionals. The platform’s mission is to make journalism more responsive to the public’s needs and more inclusive of the public’s voices and diversity, by helping journalists, educators,

Open:Housing Title

Open:Housing is a platform, a network, and a set of strategies aimed at strengthening the information ecosystem that supports civic engagement around housing issues. A second chapter for this project is underway. Please keep an eye on this space for

Storytelling with Build-a-thon with Hack Oregon

Hack Oregon and the Agora Journalism Center collaborated on a 3-day Storytelling with Data Build-a-Thon, on March 26-28, 2015 at the George S. Turnbull Portland Center. Interdisciplinary teams were recruited within the community to produce data-driven stories inspired by themes around some of